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Mission: To provide a not-for-profit gift to community organizations so that more people can be connected to Information, Resources and each other.
Developed in close partnership with
Cal Blueprint.
"I wish common sense was much more common"


We want to share our success with you as we move forward...
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Isn't positive communication with someone who is still in a position of strength a lot better than reactive support when crisis kicks in?
If 77% of people in the US own a smart phone why do we still insist that those who need crisis support visit web sites or call 800 #'s?
If stigma is such a powerful deterrant to asking for help why not give people the ability to ask for help in the private? 
If we invest time and effort to provide a homeless shelter (for example) why not invest the time neccessary to prevent someone from being homeless in the first place? Connect Early and Often. 
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Connecting Community to Information,
Resources and Each Other

In parnership with the Computer Sciences Team at Cal Berkeley we will offer a smartphone application to a diverse range of care givers and suport teams on a national scale.

Veterans - First Responders - Victims of Violence - Troubled Youth - You Tell Us
  1. 200M
    Smart Phones
  2. 1.5M
  3. 600K
  4. 50K
    Suicides A Year
  5. O
    Really Smart Apps ***
*** Why our application is really smart and driven by common sense...

  • Full scalability - no restrictions on data volume or amount of users

  • Flexibity of branding and message within the application

  • Cross pollination of information and relevant support teams

  • No special or complex training for administrators

  • User defined sharing of personal information and location

  • User friendly to the point of being "idiot proof"

  • Zero human interaction needed for users to access information

  • Real time critical response connectability

  • Information shared by need, demographic and or location
  • Private and confidential connection to information and resources

  • No invasive questions or discovery for our users
  • We will never share identifiable information to others without users consent