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Mission: To provide a not-for-profit gift to community organizations so that more people can be connected to Information, Resources and each other.
  1. Q
    Why can you do it so much cheaper
    Because it is a not-for-profit application. As a veteran centric 501(C)(3) we were able to have development time donated pro-bono by a leading computer sciences team.
  2. Q
    Why would I want to download it
    If you want access to information at your fingertips. From basic information on many issues to localized information, resources and people.
  3. Q
    Is it hard to use
    It is intentionally designed in such a way that your flow within the application is VERY structured.
  4. Q
    What happens when I change location
    Our geo-spatial mapping and location aware features will allow you to self identify your location to get local information
  5. Q
    Do you share my information with anyone
    Absolutely not. Organizations who use our application will not be able to collect identifiable information including location.
  6. Q
    Can I link to other applications
    Yes - you can link to other applications that are relevant to your use of the application - including web links and toll free numbers.
  7. Q
    Can I connect to like minded people
    Yes - with our connect feature you can both identify other people in your situation while you determine who you want to connect to and communicate with.
  8. Q
    Why are you giving it away
    Because some organizations cannot afford their own application and we need diversity to connect more people across many organizations rather than one .org developing their own app.